About ITC Global Translations

At ITC we understand that providing the highest quality translation services begins with the selection of our linguists. Translation is an art that requires unique skills that go far beyond simply knowing a second language. Therefore, each translator is rigorously tested for language and subject matter expertise. Hundreds of professional translators send their résumés to ITC each year, but only a few are capable of producing work that meets the company’s strict quality standards.

Companies often try to have their overseas representatives or employees do their translation work, but few have success. Such in-country personnel may not have the time to commit, nor the writing ability and attention-to-detail required to accurately translate both the message and intent of the original document. It is extremely rare for a non-professional to have the abilities required to produce an accurate, well-written translation.

ITC’s linguists know exactly how to get your message across so that it reads as if written in the target language. They are able to handle both the subtle nuances of a marketing text as well as the complicated terminology of a high-tech manual or datasheet. They carefully craft their translations to ensure that the final text is as close as possible to the flavor of the original one and that it conforms to the expectations of the target audience.

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