Translation Services for Financial and Commercial Organizations

  • Fields of expertise: accounting, commercial banking, consumer banking, investment banking, insurance, lending, securities, capital markets, real estate, mergers and acquisitions, employment, service industries, logistics, supply and distribution, imports & exports, shipping & transport, human resources
  • Document types: brokerage reports, M&A documentation, activity reports, annual reports, minutes, calls for tender, budgets, letters of intent, financial statements, profit & loss sheets, insurance policies, articles of incorporation, corporate guidelines and policies, codes of conduct, distribution agreements, leases, business cards, corporate newsletters, audit reports, business correspondence
  • Challenges: To attract and retain customers and to facilitate international partnerships and operations, global financial organizations need to provide information in a wide variety of target languages. Accuracy of this documentation is absolutely fundamental, yet maintaining a high level of precision in the face of varying regional language and legal requirements can be challenging. Translators must be intimately familiar with the practices and regulations governing the business world of the target culture.
  • Detailed references and Profile of translators: available upon request. Contact us for more information