Technical Translation Services

Description of our Technical Translation Services

  • Fields of expertise: the internet, websites, online applications, software interfaces, graphics, localization, operating systems, databases, e-commerce, ERP systems, CMS systems
  • Document types: e-learning systems, corporate websites, software user interfaces (UI), technical documentation, help systems, html files, xml files, sgml files, string tables, image files
  • Challenges: Web or software content must not just be translated, but also properly localized for the target market in question. This means that in addition to language, functionality and appearance must be taken into account as well, and this requires specialized technological expertise that goes beyond that of standard translation. ITC’s technical translation services ensure that the final deliverable will be functionally, linguistically, and culturally flawless for the target market.
  • Detailed references and Profile of translators: available upon request. Contact us for more information