Medical Translation Services

Quality Translation Services Are Critical For Medical Translations

We have all seen instances of inaccurate translations in our daily lives. From the back of a box to the tag on your shirt, poor translations from companies using low cost translation services are usually good for a laugh.

The real problem occurs when companies use low quality-low cost services for medical services and documents. In these cases you cannot afford a costly error which can ruin lives and lead to costly lawsuits.

With lives on the line and in the face of ever-increasing regulations governing everything from production processes to advertising, ITC Global Translations understands the high quality demands of the medical industry.

ITC Global Translation’s highly-skilled medical translation services help clients communicate effectively with caregivers, pharmacists, sales personnel, researchers, government regulators, and patients and ensure that highly-technical deliverables meet the regulatory requirements set by each target country.


We Set The Industry Standards For Quality Translations

 ITC Global Translations chooses to work only with the best linguists in the translation industry. Hundreds of professional translators send their resumes to ITC Global Translations each year, but only a select few are capable of consistently producing results that meet the strict quality standards of our translation agency.

Each translator is rigorously tested for language and subject matter expertise before working with our translation agency. Our translator database contains a list of certified professionals who successfully passed our strict testing process and whose translations pass our quality requirements each and every time. 


Benefit From a Dedicated Linguistic Resources Coordinator

Unique to ITC Global Translations, you and your company will benefit from our dedicated Linguistic Resources Coordinator.

You’ll never have to worry about the accuracy of your translations due to the Linguistic Resources Coordinator’s ongoing search and testing of new translators and agencies specialized to your industry. This dedicated Linguistic Resources Coordinator ensures that every customer and client receives a select group of translators with only the most relevant experience possible.


Our Fields of Expertise

ITC Global Translations offers medical translation services for almost every specialization and area of medicine. While we only list a partial selection of specialties below, all of our select translators have industry experience and are specifically tested for the areas of expertise most relevant to your field. Contact us to get a free quote customized to your specific translation needs including:

  • pharmaceuticals
  • biopharmaceuticals
  • bio therapeutics
  • biotechnology
  • research
  • cosmetic medicine
  • dentistry
  • public health
  • medical devices
  • sleeping disorders
  • infusion devices
  • surgical procedures
  • prostheses
  • oncology
  • health education
  • childhood health
  • and more

Documents We Translate

Our Medical Translation Services are used for a variety of different documents and uses. Some of the most common documents we frequently provide translations for include:

  • case report forms
  • marketing collateral
  • data sheets
  • informed consent forms
  • protocols
  • clinical trials
  • regulatory approval documentation
  • medical records
  • assembly instructions
  • brochures,
  • market authorizations
  • catalogues
  • CD-ROMs
  • presentations
  • instructions for use (IFUs)
  • research reports
  • software
  • product manuals
  • package inserts
  • patents
  • patent applications
  • labels
  • packaging
  • training courses
  • user guides
  • websites
  • patient information leaflets (PIL)
  • summary of product characteristics (SPC)
  • patient reported outcome (PRO) questionnaires
  • synopses

What Languages Does ITC Global Translations Offer?

ITC Global Translations works with a select team of language translators able to handle 35 different languages. In particular, ITC Global Translations has extensive experience supporting translation into and from the following languages:

European Languages

  • English translation (British English, American English, and International English)
  • French translation (Canadian French and European French)
  • Spanish translation (Latin American Spanish and European Spanish)
  • Portuguese translation (Brazilian Portuguese and European Portuguese)
  • German translation
  • Italian translation
  • Dutch translation
  • Greek translation
  • Turkish translation

Eastern European Languages

  • Bulgarian translation
  • Czech translation
  • Hungarian translation
  • Lithuanian translation
  • Polish translation
  • Romanian translation
  • Russian translation
  • Slovak translation
  • Ukrainian translation,

Scandinavian Languages

  • Danish translation
  • Finnish translation
  • Norwegian translation
  • Swedish translation

Asian languages

  • Chinese translation (Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese)
  • Hindi translation
  • Indonesian translation
  • Japanese translation
  • Korean translation
  • Thai translation
  • Vietnamese translation

Middle Eastern Languages

  • Arabic translation
  • Farsi translation
  • Hebrew translation

Quality Review Process

To ensure quality before delivery, all projects are subject to a final inspection by an additional translator and Quality Review including:

  • Consistency of terminology
  • Compliance of terminology
  • Spelling, grammar, proper syntax
  • Proper names and numbers
  • Layout & proper hyphenation

References & Testimonials

Some of our references include the biggest and most well-known healthcare & medicine related organizations. To see testimonials from some of our clients, you may visit our Testimonials Page.






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