Translation Services for Non-Profit Organizations

  • Fields of expertise: trade associations, research foundations, public health, humanitarian organizations, civil society, international development, advocacy
  • Document types: websites, budgets, PowerPoint presentations, press releases, press articles, public awareness campaigns, activity reports, information packs, research reports, questionnaires, correspondence
  • Challenges: Having worked with non-profit and charitable organizations in a diverse range or fields, ITC’s team is familiar with the specific issues facing these types of foundations as well as their multilingual communication needs. For example, the documentation of humanitarian organizations often deals with sensitive issues that require special care and discretion on the part of the translator. Additionally, these types of organizations typically operate on very limited budgets, and ITC is accustomed to finding cost-effective solutions to assist them in their language needs.
  • Detailed references and Profile of translators: available upon request. Contact us for more information