Translation Services for Technology-Related Organizations

  • Fields of expertise: telecommunications, hardware, consumer electronics, mobile devices, servers, storage platforms
  • Document types: user manuals, technical documentation, device interfaces (GUIs), help systems, marketing collateral, labels, troubleshooting guides, packaging, websites, white papers, product data sheets, work instructions, specifications documents
  • Challenges: Technology companies are tapping into international markets more and more to increase their client base as well as to establish international production facilities. To succeed in these endeavors, the various user interfaces, platforms, and documentation comprising their products must be compatible with local infrastructures and business processes. Documentation and support must be tailored to the unique language and cultural needs of the targeted region. ITC’s technology-related localization and translation capabilities ensure that clients are best positioned to obtain optimal results.
  • Detailed references and Profile of translators: available upon request. Contact us for more information