ITC Professional Translation Services

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These services involve any written materials, from websites to hard copy, from a single sentence to a lengthy report, that need to be adapted for a different country or target market

With a team of eight in-house employees and a handpicked team of 120 professional translators and transcriptionists, ITC is just the right size to provide both the flexibility and personalized service of a boutique company with the large-scale project management abilities of a major corporation. At ITC GLOBAL TRANSLATIONS a minimum of one project manager, one translator, and one proofreader is assigned to each project. This project team can be easily scaled up depending on project size and deadline. The team is selected based on your requirements and timeframe.

Multilingual and Large-Scale Translation Projects

ITC can adapt to any size or type of project. The company has extensive past experience working both on small-scale, single-language projects as well as high-volume, multilingual translation projects. We have a large team of translators/proofreaders at our disposal, enabling us to assign multiple linguists to the same project. To ensure translation consistency in this type of situation, we first set up guidelines that establish the client’s requirements, terminology, and formatting rules, as well as a query submission procedure. These guidelines are made available to all translators working on the project.

To facilitate team-based translation, the source document or documents are split up into batches in a logical manner, with each batch being sent to a different translator. Once translation is complete, one or more proofreaders are in charge of proofreading the whole document or documents to ensure translation consistency and stylistic quality.

For instance: for a 160,000-word project with an 8-day turnaround, consisting of 4 documents to be translated into South American Spanish:

We would form a project team of 10 translators + 2 proofreaders. Each document would be split in half and divided between 2 translators, with a single proofreader reviewing each translated document as a whole.

Translation-Related Technology Tools

ITC GLOBAL TRANSLATIONS takes advantage of several types of translation technology.