New Year’s Celebrations Around the Globe

by Celine Imbaud New Year’s Eve celebrations are among the oldest and most universally observed. They generally include ceremonies which are expressive of death, invigoration and celebration over the renewal of life. In some countries, parties are thrown on New Year’s Eve which last until the early hours of New Year’s Day. In the United [...]

Christmas Traditions Around the World

Little children in the United States believe that on the night of Christmas Eve, Santa Claus brings presents to all the little children in the world. Santa Claus first appeared in the United States in the 1860s, and was named for the Dutch Sintaklass, meaning St. Nicholas. The character of Santa Claus was based on [...]

The Unsung Heroes of the G-20 summit

This past November, France welcomed members of the G20 to Cannes for the 2011 summit. There were many important topics on the table, particularly the debt crisis in the EU and the cooling world economy. This group represents 85% of the global economy, and therefore finding ways to work together on these important issues is [...]