Professional Translations Make Professional RFPs

Requests for Proposal are key business documents for procurement. They indicate to potential suppliers that a business would like to make a purchase; detailing their specific requirements. This allows potential suppliers to submit bids explaining how they are the ones best able to meet these requirements. Thinking globally expands the reach of the RFP to [...]

Lost in Translation: 5 Mistakes to Avoid

CComposing text in your own native language is hard enough. Attempting to translate your information into a language you do not speak or understand is virtually impossible without assistance. There is huge potential for serious errors that could potentially embarrass your company or even ruin its chances of succeeding in foreign markets. Translation services are [...]

4 Grammar Mistakes That Have Gone Mainstream

Language is constantly changing. It grows and develops as different factors influence it. It is also governed by rules, such as spelling and grammar rules, created to standardize it and provide the language with consistency and continuity. Sometimes these rules aren’t followed, often due to language users not knowing them well enough. When a rule [...]

5 Qualities of a Quality Translator

It is often suggested that because someone speaks two languages, that makes them able to translate. However translation is a complex, learned skill that is based on knowing two languages, but goes much further. What makes a translator different from a bilingual person is that they’re a language expert, rather than just a language user. [...]

Translation and Green Energy

Green Energy: this is a hot buzzword in many industries and societies. The derivation of energy from clean, renewable, sustainable, and ecologically-friendly sources is a frequent topic of conversation in companies, governments, investment groups, and private homes around the world. The industry is important to a global society. Terminology and information about this topic must [...]

The Role of Linguistics in Translation

Linguistics plays an important role in the translation of a document from one language to another. Translating information includes more than just changing each word from the original language to another. One must also decode and decipher all the facets and functions of the original language into the new language. This is where the study [...]

The Most Common Language on Earth

In the English-speaking Western world, many people assume that the most common language on Earth is English. It seems to be spoken in nearly every country, at least conversationally if not fluently. It would follow that translating a document or website into English would reach the most people world-wide. However, this thinking is not entirely [...]

The Danger of Relying on Google Translator

There are certain circumstances where a machine just cannot replace humanity. Language, in all its myriad forms, is one of the most complex functions of the human brain. Software-based translation is simple and not as sophisticated as the knowledge base of a native language speaker’s mind, despite the leaps in technology that this industry has [...]