The Translation Industry Finally Plays The Quality Card

International Traduction Conseil is one of the few translation companies in France to be certified by Bureau Veritas. In France, anyone can create a translation agency and offer services to companies who need translations of their manuals, software, marketing materials, training materials, etc. Until recently, the translation sector had no code of conduct to meet [...]

Hallmarks of a Good Translator

Effective and accurate translation is not a simple task. Online translators and apps might be sufficient to translate a question or phrase when needed but for longer documents, manuals, professional correspondence, advertisements, and other important pieces, these quick fixes just aren’t enough. Translation is a skill as well as an art. You need a good [...]

Famously Bad Translation Errors

Words are funny things. They can mean so many different things, even in a single language. When you add language translation into the mix, things can get a little dicey. Mistakes can happen and the message behind the words can get altered, occasionally with hilarious results. A mistranslated phrase can be a serious embarrassment for [...]

More Than English

Worldwide, there are more than 2.1. billion Internet users. The number of businesses that operate online is somewhere in the tens of millions. Given that, the fact that over half the Google searches that are made occur in languages other than English should be taken into account. This means that English-centric websites only have a [...]

Translation in Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley is not only the hub of technology for the US; it is an international source of up-to-the-nanosecond technological advancement. This small section of northern California has become the world’s hub for high-tech innovation. The name is a play on words. Coined in the 1970s and coming into general use in the ‘80s, the [...]

English Languages – A Transatlantic Jumble

In the English-speaking world, one of the biggest giveaways to a reader that a document was not written specifically for them is that it is written in the wrong variety of English. When reading, they come across a word or spelling and it jumps out at them as different. This is jarring and it takes [...]

Translation for Non-Governmental Organizations

Translation services are a much-needed budgetary line item for many entities. Corporations and companies of many sizes need these services as do news outlets and government agencies. Non-governmental organizations (NGOs) also require these services in order to present a clear and understandable message in multiple languages. An NGO is a legally constituted organization that operates [...]