The Basics of Glossaries for Translation Projects

A translation glossary is a collection of key terminology that is important to a specific client’s documentation. In creating a brand, a company uses words to present itself. These specific words are carefully chosen and important for creating the company’s image. Marketing departments spend many man-hours getting these types of words perfect. Therefore they must [...]

Why Dialect and Context Are Key For Asian Language Translations

The Asian marketplace is a highly valued economic arena in the current worldwide economy. The resilience of many of these countries has the world watching. Many countries are looking toward previously unexplored countries as potential sources of revenue and locations for offices, stores, and manufacturing plants. However, Asian languages present unique challenges for translation. There [...]

A Best Practice Guide To Doing Business in Other Countries

Doing business in your own country is difficult enough, so how can you prepare for working across borders? Entrepreneurs who want to take their business to a different country must be ready to face all sorts of cultural, commercial, financial or even legal differences. These can vary greatly from one country to another. So it [...]

Professional Editing and Proofreading

Inaccuracies or mistakes of grammar and language in business communications are embarrassing. No matter the language, errors are unprofessional. Even in your own language, you need to proofread and edit your documents. When communicating in another language, the services are even more critical to your communications. Even a native speaker can make errors when writing. [...]

An Introduction to The Translation Process

So you need to have something translated? You’ve come to the right place. Here is a brief introduction to the translation process, to give you an idea of what to expect. The translation process can be broken down into 3 stages: Translation, Review, and Quality Assurance. Each stage is handled by a different person, so [...]

Translating and Transcription

A transcription can be defined as a written representation of something. It can also be the act of writing or rewriting that representation. In genetics, it means the transfer of genetic information from one cell to another. In music, it’s the rewriting of a piece for a different instrument than the original composer intended. In [...]

The World’s 3 Biggest Writing Systems – A Quick Look

I was listening to a children’s program where they sing the alphabet song in several languages, and I heard one particular language where it sounded very similar to our own for most of it, but was longer and had some different sounds near the end. It was Russian. Seeing the characters makes the Russian alphabet [...]

Middle Eastern Language Translations

One of the fastest growing segments of the translation industry is Middle Eastern language translation. Since the majority of the world’s oil supply has been shipped out of the Middle East for several generations, many people would think that much of the work would have already been done. After all, these countries have been doing [...]