5 Things You Should Know Before Choosing A Translation Service Provider

When choosing a Translation Service (or a Language Service Provider) you need to be extra careful. The decisions your translator makes can impact your company for years to come, costing you business and valuable customers. To help you prepare, we’ve created a quick list of 5 things you should know before jumping into this new [...]

The Perks of Working as a Translator

Studying languages was once seen as strictly an academic pursuit. It was like adding notches to an educational belt. “Serious” students often learned the classic romance languages like Latin, French, or Italian to add to their academic resumes. These days, learning a language (or several) is more than just an elective on a course schedule. [...]

6 Mistakes to Avoid When Translating Something

Knowing another language doesn’t necessarily mean you know how to be a translator. Translation covers more than just converting one word for another. When translation is not performed effectively, mistakes happen and they can be big. Here are a few embarrassing translation errors to avoid. NOT USING A SEASONED PRO In 1977, President Carter visited [...]

Top 5 Mistakes Translators Can Make

Everyone makes mistakes. However, when you are translating important corporate documents or international advertisements, a mistake can be costly and very problematic. Keeping an eye on your translators’ work can save your company a lot of embarrassment. Certain errors are a little more common than others. Here are a few to watch for where you [...]

Some of the World’s Most Untranslatable Words

In any language, there are words that just can’t quite be translated. There just isn’t another word to completely encompass the meaning of the original term. The idea that any one language is large enough to encompass the entire human experience is absurd. Different people groups have different experiences. They view the world through the [...]

The Basics of Translation Memory Software

Translation Memory, or TM software is a tool that helps translators work efficiently, while at the same time promoting consistency within a document and across various documents. Translation memory software is not the same as machine translation, such as Google Translate. A professional translator performs the translation task, rather than the software. This is the [...]

The Advantages of Speaking More than One Language

As the nations of the world become more accessible to one another, the advantages of speaking more than one language become more evident. Knowing more than one language isn’t just a mark of a good education anymore. Being bilingual is an edge in school, in the workplace and in life. Studies have shown that being [...]