ITC Is Helping Bridge The Communication Gap

Here at ITC Global Translations, we aim to please. And in doing so, we serve a number of industries, providing them with expert translation and localization services. ITC works with the best and most capable linguists. Professional translators, proofreaders and project managers submit their resumes to ITC each year, and from those applicants we work [...]

3 Things To Know About Your Specialized LSP

When choosing your specialized translators, you want to take extreme care to ensure you’re selecting the right one for you. In order to do so, you’ll want to have a bit of inside information on what it takes to declare oneself a specialized translator. An LSP with some specialization will likely be a faster worker [...]

ITC Traductions Takes Part In ELIA’s “Networking Days”

From October 2-4, a large number of translation agency managers met at the semiannual ELIA conference in Malta. The meeting also brought together project managers, including ITC Traductions’ Project Coordinator/Translator, Coralie Gauge. Over the three days of the conference, several major players in the translation sector presented topics such as automated translation, translation quality, project [...]

The Importance Of Language & Nuance: Arabic

We at ITC Global Translations are dedicated to providing quality translations, and we do this because we know how incredibly important it is to be culturally accommodating—especially when it comes to your business company or brand. But don’t just take our word for it—contact us today to find out how dedicated we are to translating [...]

ITC Global & Your Non-Profit Organization

Is your brand or company a non-profit? If so, what this means is that you’ll want to ensure that you and your organization are as marketable as possible. And, in ensuring this, you’ll need to embrace cultural concepts that help you bridge the linguistic gaps that limit so many other organizations. You want your non-profit’s [...]

How To Know Your LSP Is Dedicated To Your Project: Queries

We cover many tips on our blog about what you should look for in a quality translator. One of which is that the language service provider in question should ask questions. They should do everything possible to get a really firm feel for your project’s needs and requirements. Here is a little insight about the [...]

ITC Helps Students and Graduates Gain Industry Experience

Ever since the company was founded, ITC has helped students supplement their classroom training and helped newly qualified translators enter the workplace by offering internships at one of its two locations (France and the United States). In addition to their different career goals, these students and young professionals have taken a variety of different training [...]

ITC Global Translations – Get To Know Us!

Here at ITC Global Translations, we understand your translation service needs. We endeavor to provide you with the highest quality translations of any project you and your company or brand may require. Therefore, in order to supply you with quality work, we must recruit and hire nothing but the best certified translators and proofreaders. For [...]

Projects You Didn’t Know You Needed Translated: Social Media

Ivy Lun, author of this Forbes Magazine article, says, It’s estimated that half of all communication that takes place on the Internet is done in the English language. This can seem, in some ways, positive. And it is! It means you, as an English-speaker, have a lot available to you. However, as a business or [...]