Happy Holidays From ITC Global Translations

Holidays seem to be the great equalizer among international locales. So too are language and communication. Given that, ITC Global Translations has compiled a quick list of countries and cultures that also celebrate Christmas, or Christmas-like celebrations with a slight twist. While American Christmas traditions tend toward merriment and child-focused pleasantries, such as jolly red-suited … Continue reading "Happy Holidays From ITC Global Translations"

What Is An LSP?

Yesterday we covered 5 of the terms you should be familiar with when you’re heading into a new translation project. Your understanding of these terms will make this process of translation a smooth and less confusing one. In this post, we’ll cover the acronym LSP—Language Service Provider. “Language Service Provider” is a term that has … Continue reading "What Is An LSP?"

The Pre-Translation Core 4

How aware are you of the pre-translation core 4 concepts? When you’re looking to request a translation—whether it’s for medical and pharmaceutical purposes, or translating your e-commerce’s website for a international markets—there are a few things you should know beforehand. You want this process to be as smooth a process as possible. ITC Global Translations … Continue reading "The Pre-Translation Core 4"