Why Your Mobile App Needs To Be Multilingual

Multilingual versions of your mobile application are incredibly vital, and a major convenience for its users. Whether your plan is to localize iOS, Android, or a tablet app, ITC Global Translations will work closely with you and your team to develop a localized mobile application that will help boost your business or brand to higher [...]

Why Do Startups Need A Multilingual Website?

ITC Global Translations knows that you, as a startup company, business or brand, may need “an edge.” That’s another one of those Business 101 things we’ve mentioned. The great thing about this is that having a multilingual online presence may be the answer. International markets have known and understood that there is a lot to [...]

Happy Holidays From ITC Global Translations

Holidays seem to be the great equalizer among international locales. So too are language and communication. Given that, ITC Global Translations has compiled a quick list of countries and cultures that also celebrate Christmas, or Christmas-like celebrations with a slight twist. While American Christmas traditions tend toward merriment and child-focused pleasantries, such as jolly red-suited [...]

Localize Your Website, Expand Your Business

As we all move swiftly into the new year, new policies, procedures, updates, et cetera, must take effect. If we want to remain successful, we have to conform to change, no matter how different it might be. And if localizing your website is on that list of changes for you, ITC Global Translations can help [...]

Multilingual Websites: e-Commerce

E-Commerce professionals, do you really want to lose customers simply because your website isn’t friendly with their native language and culture? If you’re in the business of e-Commerce, you should definitely be operating in 2 or more different languages. One of the perks of e-Commerce is how accessible it is to not just your source [...]

Understanding Culture Is What We Do

In order to create effective translations for your business or brand, ITC Global Translations provides translators who have made it their business to know the ins and outs of a culture and all of its linguistic facets. Of course, language is a complex thing and regional differences and dialect specifics may range, but our translators [...]

What Is An LSP?

Yesterday we covered 5 of the terms you should be familiar with when you’re heading into a new translation project. Your understanding of these terms will make this process of translation a smooth and less confusing one. In this post, we’ll cover the acronym LSP—Language Service Provider. “Language Service Provider” is a term that has [...]

The Pre-Translation Core 4

How aware are you of the pre-translation core 4 concepts? When you’re looking to request a translation—whether it’s for medical and pharmaceutical purposes, or translating your e-commerce’s website for a international markets—there are a few things you should know beforehand. You want this process to be as smooth a process as possible. ITC Global Translations [...]

5 Translation Terms You Should Be Familiar With

As a business or brand looking to expand into global markets, you’ll need to take several active steps. We’ve mentioned this in previous posts, and it’s worth mentioning again now, because not enough people understand the importance, not to mention the benefits of moving into international markets. Step 1 is to find a translator, or [...]