Here’s How To Obtain Your Free Translation Quote

ITC Global Translations wants you to have the best translation possible. Because of this, we do everything in our power to ensure that the start of your project goes according to your specifications. When your project starts off well, it continues to go well, and from there, it finishes well. We’ve come to find that [...]

Spring Festival

For those not familiar with the celebration, Spring Festival—also known as Lunar New Year—is commonly called Chinese New Year. However, did you know that the Chinese do not typically refer to this holiday as “Chinese New Year”? Lunar New Year and Spring Festival are actually preferential names for the same holiday. The year of the [...]

Can You Build A Long-Term Relationship With Your LSP?

Is 2014 the year you’ve planned to expand your business into wider markets? If so, you should consider whether or not the language service provider you may be hiring has the potential to provide you with long-term language service support, and whether they have the tools to do so, well into the future. There are [...]

ITC’s Simple Guide To Using Social Media Internationally

Nine times out of ten, you’ve got some followers on your social media outlets that aren’t citizens of your home country. And that’s fine. It’s great, actually. What this means is that you’re reaching a larger population of consumers without even localizing to their culture. If that’s the case, you’ll want to take advantage of [...]

Your Blog Strategy: Is It Working?

There are 2 types of bloggers. The hobby bloggers, who do it for fun, discussing either their personal lives, a niche or some combination of the two. They’re not necessarily concerned with selling you anything other than their words and stories, and their following will be hard-earned, not bought and paid for. The other type [...]

Have You Made Plans To Expand Into German Markets?

The benefits of German translation are various and sundry, linked not inexplicably to the growing success of a business or brand. Any method of expansion that includes reaching international German audiences must consider that translation will ultimately be at the core of their business plan. When you work with professional translators, such as our skilled [...]

Can You Trust The Accuracy Of Your Pharmaceutical Translations?

A translation won’t be effective if your language service provider doesn’t understand the specifics of the material he or she is translating. The skilled and seasoned translator will have a sort of “internal monitoring system” that will allow him to address the translation issues that are “amiss.” It’s a combination of intellect and natural ability [...]

ITC’s Tips For Multimedia Translation

Driving your business’s projects into new, international markets can yield great results for your company. Though the task may seem daunting, the process of translation and localization doesn’t have to be complicated when you work with a qualified LSP. Further, localizing a multifaceted project without an LSP, such as a multimedia translation, can be incredibly [...]

You NEED A Multilingual E-Commerce Website—Here’s Why!

Are you ready to expand on an international level and reach out to an all new population of consumers? The growth in size and scale of the Internet has given businessmen and women everywhere the opportunity to reach new, larger masses of customers. We live in a world where language is the pinnacle of everything, [...]