International Strategies: Is Localization The Answer?

Localization can do worlds of good for your business or brand. It can allow you to reach potential audiences and new markets, on an international level, in ways you would not have otherwise been able. And while localization can be the key to unlocking an entirely new level of business and, eventually, revenue for you, [...]

Improving Source Language For Better Translation

When you’re aiming to translate a project, one of the first things you want to do is ensure the quality of your source language. From there, the process of moving into your target language—or languages—will be simplified. When your source language is at its highest quality, your content won’t run the risk of a faulty [...]

Time To Translate—Here’s Why!

We’ve mentioned a lot about how you definitely do need translation, how you should test and try your potential LSPs prior to working with them, and do your research before translating. However, we’re here to let you know how investing in translation can benefit your brand in tremendous ways. Translation Isn’t Simple That’s the simple [...]

Languages We Support: Dutch

ITC Global Translations specializes in the globalization and localization of many different countries. Languages we support include Western and Eastern European, Scandinavian, Asian and Middle Eastern, among an incredibly wide set of others. We endeavor to provide the most in-depth and critical translations possible and have linguists on our team that understand even the most [...]

Meet Our Marketing Intern – Lucas

Hi, I’m Lucas Mouchonnat, a 4th year student (Master I) at the IDRAC business school in Lyon. After I finished my semester in Ireland at the International School of Business, Dublin, I figured it would be more interesting for me, and more beneficial to my professional development, to continue my experience abroad by working in [...]

International SEO Marketing

If you’re like many companies today, you’re operating under an SEO marketing strategy. And that’s perfectly fine. SEO is working for a lot of businesses and brands. Though Google seems to be turning the tides for this type of business doing, there are still those who have managed to make it work. If this is [...]

Back To Basics—Going Inside Translation

Thanks to the expanding scope of technology and things like the Internet, people have been given a lifeline to one another, no matter what coordinates on the globe they might occupy. Whether it’s for personal entertainment, learning experience, or business opportunities, global communication has become much more than a preference. It’s necessity. Here are just [...]

Translation In The 2014 Sochi Olympics

Sick. Stoked. Chill. Gnarly. Rad. These are just a couple of the slang terms that are getting lost in Sochi translation—not to mention the non-American slang that’s been peppered in. ITC Global Translations strives to provide the most skilled and professional translators, ready and prepared to take on translations ranging from the most formal, all [...]

Are You On This List?

We at ITC Global Translations have compiled a brief list of businesses and brands that should definitely consider translating their content and why. Are you on this list?Read on to find out. Pharmaceutical Companies All the clinical research and pharmaceutical manufacturing that takes place across the globe have made pharmaceutical translations a necessity. Language services [...]