Translating For Accent & Dialect

Dialect has been, and still remains, one of the most difficult parts of a project to translate. It’s an incredibly thorny issue. When accents and dialect are factored into a translation, it becomes a serious test of your Language Service Provider’s skills. If you’re looking to use a machine translation for something like this, our [...]

How Closely Tied Are Translation & Source Text?

How closely tied are translation and source text? The important thing to note when answering this question is that a translator simply cannot generate an exact and precise translation of the source text into the target language. You, as a translation buyer, should know this prior to obtaining your finished translation project. Many translation buyers [...]

Arabic Translation In High Demand

The need for Arabic translators today has only increased. The statistics for business done in the Middle East, as well as the numbers noting the Middle Eastern population that occupies a substantial fraction of the Internet’s hub spots (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) is increasing every day. There’s a high demand for the language today and there [...]

The Precision Of Legal Translation

Legal document translation is an incredibly complex process. The reasoning behind this is simply that these documents must be put through the ringer to ensure they stand up in not just board rooms, but court rooms as well. Many people translate legal documents for international uses and that is an even more intricate process. You [...]

Who Is The Right LSP For Me?

Localization, and translation, are all about communicating well with your markets in their tongue. You have to understand their culture, and their buying preferences, whether you’re selling them trinkets, legal services, pharmaceutical supplies, etc. With those goals in mind, how do you go about making sure you’ve hired the right LSP? Here are a few [...]

5 Things Everyone Should Know About Translation

Congratulations! You’ve finally decided to embark on the journey to obtaining the highest quality translation. Before you really get started, here are a few facts you should know. 1. Time Professional translations, for most jobs, are not overnight tasks. Depending on the subject matter, the LSP may complete up to 2,500 to 5,000 words per [...]

Localize & Globalize

What business are you in? Is it medical/pharmaceutical? IT, legal, business, or something else? No matter the business you’re in, you likely need a strong language strategy if you don’t have one already. Therefore, localize your documents and websites to globalize your business. Why? The simple answer to that question is revenue. But if you [...]

What Exactly Is Post-Editing?

To know, with all certainty, that you’re receiving the best translation possible from your LSP, it’s vital that you understand the translation process and terminologies, at least on a basic level. One term many professionals aren’t familiar with is “post-editing.” Here’s a bit more about it, to help you understand your translation project and its [...]

ITC Global Translations—Occam’s Razor Of Translation

Not having a translation is better than have a bad translation. Why? Because your readers can always tell when they’re being fed a bad translation. There’s a reason ITC Global Translations believes that localized content should be created for an audience instead of simply altered with an audience in mind. Because the target population is [...]