Getting Ready For Global Expansion

Businesses and brands alike understand that advertising is the pinnacle of a lot of what they do and how they generate revenue. A big way to build the list of customers being reached has been through global expansion, which is why it’s so important to select and utilize a translator that can help you successfully [...]

Why Should My Company Localize?

Though English is still the primary language within B2B company communications, a common mistake companies are still making is thinking that they can operate in English when they’ve expanded internationally. The point is to conform to the needs of the target market. Consider that English is not the language of the Internet. There is no [...]

Bridging The Gap

Localization is the one factor that is bridging the gap between you and an international audience, and if you have yet to localize your projects, you may be walking on a rickety bridge, so to speak. Breaking down language barriers can help bring your customers to your business, simply because your products, services, and messages [...]

The Most Important Parts Of Your Localization Project

Your localization project will see the most success when you know that all of its parts are working together seamlessly. Down to the most minute detail, it’s important to pay special attention to each facet to ensure it’s serving the project well and leading readers and consumers to the intended place. The things that may [...]

Localization Is Not Dead, People Want To Translate

Translation is not a field that is flagging or slowing whatsoever. In fact, the necessity for translation is only increasing on a more worldwide scale. Countries across the world are finding translation and the services of translators valuable to their businesses, in the field of medicine, as well as in politics.   Businesses are looking [...]

New Markets, New Localization Strategy

Each time you begin working on a new plan to expand into a new target market, you need to readjust and even sometimes re-do your localization strategy. No two populations are the same, and therefore, no two localization strategies should be the same. There are a few barriers that can seriously inhibit the progress you [...]

Reasons To Work With An LSP On Your Pharmaceutical Translation

Global consolidation is a very big part of the pharmaceutical industry today. This constitutes mergers, acquisitions, and various other pharmaceutical companies as well. This all results in what we’ve come to see within the big time corporations worldwide. With the increases in size to the pharmaceutical companies comes the demand for big pharmaceutical industry translation [...]

Boosting Sales: International Edition

There is an untapped well of success waiting for you, if only you’ll seek it out. The solution is the multilingual Internet and its users. There is a far smaller set of competitors on this level and that’s why it’s so important to take advantage of these things early on. Getting your foot in the [...]