International Translation Day: A Celebration Rich in History

It’s International Translation Day, a day that reminds us of the very first efforts to make the written word accessible across the world. September 30th is not only a day to celebrate worldwide translation efforts, but a history of the movement of words within the oldest literate societies. The origins of translation go back to [...]

The Future of Translation: Machine Translation and Post-Editing

Machine translation has come a long way since its genesis. It is more efficient and accurate with each generation of software. Regardless of this advancement, it is still far from perfect. A more human understanding of language is still required to achieve the most natural sound and feel of a document or text. What is [...]

Dispelling Translation Rumors

To help you understand just how vital translation still is to so many different industries, and therefore, to yours, here are a few translation myths—busted! “Translation Is A Very Small Niche Market!” Untrue. On all accounts. In 2012 alone, the global market of language services grew to be worth over $33 billion USD. These figures [...]