Language Diversity in Present-Day America

What is the official language of the United States? If your answer was English, you were partially correct. English is the most widely spoken language in the United States, used as a formal language, but not an official one. In fact, only twenty-eight of the fifty states have declared English as their official language. According [...]

Connecting the world one click at a time

Since its introduction, Information Technology has allowed modern businesses to expand nationally and internationally at the click of a button. However, market expansion and business competition in recent years call for a different approach, language translation. Take a minute to think about some objects that you could not go a day without. Did your computer [...]

Why Localize Your Mobile App?

No matter what one might think, feeding your non-English speaking consumers English content all the time is not something they’ll appreciate. In fact, it has the potential to do the exact opposite of benefiting you. So when you’re working on an international scale, you should take everything into account. This means blog, website, products/services, social [...]