Can you forget your Mother Tongue?

She forgot her mother tongue! It happened to a woman in China after she had a stroke. After being in a coma for two weeks, the 94-year old woman woke up and was only able to speak English, a language that she hadn’t used in over 30 years! To the doctors’ surprise, this former English [...]

Popular today: Enjoy learning a language

Everyone, the French in particular, knows that learning a foreign language, especially English, can be quite a challenge. This is primarily due to teaching methods, whether it’s a school course or a night class for adults. But what makes language classes so intimidating? Why does the term “irregular verbs” leave most adults feeling discouraged? At […]

Bilingual children have a less stereotyped view of the world

In January 2015, Concordia University published a study that shows that bilingual children have a better understanding of the world around them. According to the study, “bilingual children view their environment differently than others. They are more likely to understand that genetic information is not the only thing that makes the person who they are. […]

Can doctors use automatic translation?

“I spent a semester in China last year. A month before I was supposed to leave I started experiencing flu-like symptoms. Since English is not widely spoken, I used an automatic translator via my Smartphone to communicate with the doctors. I think the staff understood me, despite bursting into laughter at some sentences!” says Nicolas […]