ITC at the 10th Anniversary of ELIA (European Language Industry Association)

The ELIA (European Language Industry Association – organized its 18th conference in Lyon on April 16-17 and was only a few kilometers from the ITC Translations office. As an active member of ELIA, we had to attend in order to meet our peers and discuss trends in our profession. This event, which was held [...]

Why do we have dedicated linguists for our clients?

Why do we have dedicated linguists for our clients? As a language service provider, our daily objective is to “meet our clients’ needs”. To do this, we build a trusting relationship based on a simple motto: terminological consistency; meaning that translating and conveying a company’s message using a dedicated translator becomes an important task. For [...]

Online translations are putting banks in danger

These days, businesses must adapt more and more rapidly to changes if they want to retain their position in the market. With globalization, internationalization and hyper-connectivity, businesses are changing the way they do work, including translation. Translation is becoming more and more essential! Multilingual communication meets the needs of potential international clients. Subject to this [...]