Translators – One of the Fastest Growing Careers Today

With many college graduates facing a mountain of student loan debt upon graduation, it’s important for students to focus their studies on careers that will actually have decent paying jobs waiting for them upon graduation. According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics one of the fastest growing careers right now is translation services. [...]

Fun Facts About Translation

WiThe History of Translation   Translation services are an integral part of today’s global economy. But, where did translating begin? How did the translation machines of today come about? And where will translations be in the future? These are all interesting questions and we’ll answer them and more as we take a look at translations [...]

Translation Errors, Their Potential Consequences, and How to Avoid Them

Experienced translators know how to deliver error free translations that are accurate and localized so that everyone can communicate successfully. Sometimes though, people choose to work with a “friend who knows Russian” or an otherwise non certified translator and, mistranslations shortly ensue. While most translation errors don’t cause a big problem and some are even [...]

Accurate Communication Across Cultures is About More Than Just Words

When translating content it’s always important to remember that communication across cultures doesn’t just mean an accurate translation of the words from one language into another. In order to convey your full message to an international audience your content should be localized and translated for each area. This is the only way your translations will [...]

The Benefits of Women Owned Business Certification

Certified women owned business offer a range of benefits to both the business owners themselves, as well as all those that work with them. From better visibility for the business to enhanced supplier diversity for companies, women owned business certification matters in the current marketplace and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. [...]