Emojis Cross Cultures Too

With the proliferation of digital communication and the rise of personal devices capable of Internet connectivity, the ways we communicate in our everyday lives have been changing. It’s not just about conversations face to face, or telephone calls where we listen to only voices, there’s now video conferencing, e-mail, text messages, and, of course, instant [...]

Google Translate Is Not Enough

The automation of so many complex processes in our world can sometimes give rise to a false sense of faith in what technology can do. Word processors, for example, eliminated the need for typewriter ribbon, paper waste, and even gave the world the “delete” key, which made writing easier, but didn’t mean that everyone could [...]

Context Is King

There’s an old saying in the media that “content is king,” which simply means that what’s being communicated is more important than the method of communication. But in the world of translation, the context of something can be just as—if not more important—than the raw content itself.   According to most dictionaries, context can be [...]

Augmented Reality Is Coming & It Will Need Translation

The future always seems to be just around the corner, but one piece of science fiction is coming sooner than people might expect. While virtual reality is a phrase that’s been invoked often recently, promising the idea of exploring digital worlds, augmented reality is a counterpart in which the world we see and live in [...]