Punctuation Day Is Coming

On September 24, National Punctuation Day is going to be celebrated (sort of) in America once again, which should matter if you care about language. While it’s not going to be a holiday filled with people drinking festive beverages or kissing under exclamation points hanging over the door, it is a reminder to everyone that [...]

Don’t Skimp On Technical Translation

Translating content from one language to another is growing in importance as the world goes global and more information travels from one country to another. And while great care needs to be taken when translating content for general consumption, translation becomes an important, absolutely vital process with no margin for error when it comes to [...]

Video Localization Is More Important Than Ever

In the pre-digital era, translations of video content really only mattered when it came to film, television and a small segment of corporate marketing. There was a practical financial reason for this at the time. Video content was largely bound by physical distribution limitations, as most video content was unlikely to transcend geographical origins. It [...]

Serious Games Need Fun Translation

Serious games are a relatively new genre to the game industry, but in many ways, these types of games are becoming more and more important not just to the companies that make them, but the audience they serve. Unlike regular video games, which are meant strictly to entertain, the “serious games” genre has education in [...]

India: The Country & Language To Watch

The state of world politics, finance and even prestige is dynamic, constantly changing from one decade and century to the next. In the 19th century, no one would have said the USA would be the premiere nation of the world, and in the 20th century no one would have said communist China would have one [...]