How Translation Quality Assurance Works

Quality Assurance, better known as QA in most industries, is essentially a review editorial process. It is designed to look at work as it comes in, review all its components, and then render a judgement as to whether the product is failing to meet, meeting, or even exceeding the minimum level of acceptable standard for [...]

Translating For The Middle East Is A Matter Of Language & Faith

The Middle East is a vast and complex region that is full of both opportunity and culture. It’s an area full of diversity harboring some of the oldest traditions in the world while at the same time playing host to Dubai, one of the most advanced cities on the planet today. This is a part [...]

The Noble Failure Of Esperanto

Translation services are vital in today’s world because products, services and information arew becoming more and more global. Japanese animation is voraciously consumed in America, French novels are read in Vietnam, and Australian mining companies offer their services to African clients. It requires a lot of effort and expertise to make sure that content is [...]

The World Comes Together In Online Games

When we talk about increased globalization, we usually imagine a world where businesses are operating all over the world, a tasty Pad Thai can be ordered at an Irish pub in Toronto, Canada and people have more opportunity to interact with others from different parts of the world through increased travel.   One of the [...]