Are you Using “Utilize” Incorrectly?

Vocabulary is prone to a lot of change, evolution, and in some cases, simple misunderstanding. There are plenty of words that are used in everyday language that may not actually be appropriate or grammatically sound, but we accept the word—especially in casual conversation—because as long as it gets the point across, that’s the more important [...]

Translation Is Not The Same As Interpretation

Conceptually, an Interpreter and a Translator share the same responsibility, which is to take the words of one language and render it in another so that it can be understood by an audience that is unfamiliar with the original language. Because of this, sometimes the terms interpreter and translator are interchanged, although it’s not actually [...]

A Bilingual Employee Is Not A Translator

Today’s world and workplace is an increasingly global one, and it’s not unusual for many companies to have employees that come from different parts of the world and are capable of speaking more than one language. Unfortunately we also live in a world where things move fast, meeting budgetary restraints is a constant challenge, getting [...]

North American Spanish And European Spanish Are Different

t’s a curious cultural phenomena that even though England and America share colonial origins and speak the same language, it is referred to as English. However, when it comes to Spain and Mexico, it’s not uncommon to hear non-natives refer to Mexican as the language spoken in that country even though, they actually speak Spanish [...]