4 Famous Errors in Translation

Communication is important, but communication is something that’s conducted by people who often make mistakes. Most of the time mistakes are small, and easily corrected. Sometimes they can take on epic proportions when famous people or events are involved. This can be especially true in the delicate art of translation. Getting the point across accurately [...]

5 Languages Google Translate Can’t Translate

For many casual users, understanding online content that’s not in your native language means one thing: resorting to Google Translate. While Google Translate is far from an ideal experience, for anyone willing to stumble through a lot of questionable phrases and awkwardly constructed sentences, it may be possible to go grasp rough meaning from the [...]

5 Ways Cultural Signals Are Misinterpreted

5 WAYS CULTURAL SIGNALS ARE MISINTERPRETED There’s no getting around it: when you grow up in a certain region with specific types of gestures, behaviors or even speaking patterns, there is absolutely no guarantee that when you go to another country, those same mannerisms are going to be interpreted the same way. What can be [...]