3 Translation Errors in Advertising

3 TRANSLATION ERRORS IN ADVERTISING Adapting advertising for new languages and markets is one of the greatest translation challenges. An advertising slogan or marketing concept is carefully crafted to make a high-performance impact on the target audience. Advertising translation mistakes are expensive.Some people might say, “If it worked so well in one country, it should [...]

3 Things Translators Need To Consider Post-Brexit

3 THINGS TRANSLATORS NEED TO CONSIDER POST-BREXIT In what is surely one of the biggest cultural and historical incidents of the year, the United Kingdom (UK) is officially leaving the European Union. This has created a titanic amount of uncertainty in every single business and political sector. And with good reason: the European Union (EU) [...]

3 Reasons Banks Need To Translate Financial Services Information

3 REASONS BANKS NEED TO TRANSLATE FINANCIAL SERVICES INFORMATION A few different groups in the United States, namely Americans For Financial Reform and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, have made recommendations to the entire U.S. banking industry, urging it to provide more translations for the financial products and services it offers, especially loans. Providing information [...]

Even Emojis Aren’t A Universal Language

EVEN EMOJIS AREN’T A UNIVERSAL LANGUAGE A picture is supposed to be worth 1000 words, but if that picture is being incorrectly interpreted, then that’s 1000 wrong words that need to be explained. This is apparently the case with emojis as well, which were once supposed to be the savior of electronic communication by giving [...]