3 Ways Laughter Is Important

3 WAYS LAUGHTER IS IMPORTANT aughter is a uniquely human expression that’s an important piece of the communication puzzle. Laughter usually indicates amusement, although for some countries, such as Japan, laughter can also be a response to confusion or embarrassment. Recent studies have shown that by paying attention to laughter, we can actually make some [...]

5 Languages That May Soon Go Extinct

5 LANGUAGES THAT MAY SOON GO EXTINCT According to UNESCO, many of the world’s languages may soon go extinct. At the current rate at which less common languages fall into disuse, at least 50 percent or more of the languages spoken by people today will disappear by the year 2100. This was a conservative estimate, [...]

When Fake Countries Use Real Languages

WHEN FAKE COUNTRIES USE REAL LANGUAGES Often in cinema or television, storytellers create fake countries with their own culture and language, which are crucial for making these fictional places seem real. Sometimes, they go out of their way to use a real language that grounds their fictional nation’s authenticity. Here are three perfect examples of [...]

3 Reasons Quality Translation Isn’t Easy

3 REASONS QUALITY TRANSLATION IS NOT AS EASY AS YOU THINK Despite the speed of an “instant” online translation, creating high-quality translations is not as easy as you might think. In our interconnected world, translation is crucial for so many reasons. We rely on expert human translators to correctly understand the subtleties of statements political [...]