4 Reasons Your Bilingual Employee Is Not Your Translator

Language, like writing or mathematics, has some simple, fundamental rules that often give people a false impression that understanding the basics means you’ve mastering the entire discipline. Because of that, some believe that the idea of translating content from one language to another is a simple affair, and if they have a bilingual employee within [...]

3 Reasons Why We Like Arrival

Crucial Communication: 3 Reasons Why We Like Arrival As providers of professional translation services, we have a clear understanding of just how crucial it can be to make sure you are understood when you and a person you’re trying to communicate with don’t speak the language. However, we realize this is not something everyone gives [...]

How to Use Translation Glossaries

USING GLOSSARIES TO STANDARDIZE TRANSLATION PROJECTS   In a previous post, we outlined ITC’s translation process. Today, we’ll consider a technology tool that’s an important part of the translation and proofreading stages: translation glossaries. These are a collection of key terminology that is important to a specific client’s documentation. Creating and using a glossary brings [...]

3 Tips For Hiring Translation Providers

WHAT TO CONSIDER WHEN YOU NEED TRANSLATION SERVICES When you want your plumbing repaired, you call a plumber. When you want a building designed, you get an architect, and when you want your written work converted to another language, you hire a translation provider. In each and every one of these cases, you have recognized [...]