Why Translation Choices Matter In Politics

WHY TRANSLATION CHOICES MATTER IN POLITICS Language is a very delicate thing in politics, but it becomes even more sensitive—and dangerous—when the language being exchanged is between two nations that don’t share the same language or culture. We saw some consequences of that late last year when then President Elect Donald Trump broke with decades [...]

3 Words With No English Equivalent

One of the interesting things about the English language is how often it adopts words from other languages and uses them the same way. Ennui, for example, is a French word that usually describes the dissatisfaction or restlessness and boredom that affluent or well off people experience when they lack challenges or meaningful tasks to [...]

3 Korean Phrases Other Languages Need

3 KOREAN PHRASES OTHER LANGUAGES NEED One of the most interesting things about the vocabulary of other languages is just how much they can reveal of another culture’s thought process. Japanese vocabulary tends to spotlight the culture’s focus on honor, while French vocabulary shows just how much that nation and culture treasure love and other [...]

3 Non-English Words Now English

3 NEW NON-ENGLISH WORDS THAT ARE NOW CONSIDERED ENGLISH The difference between a dead and a living language are pretty clear, but beyond the fact that one is in active use and another is not, a key feature of a living language is its ability to change and evolve. The English that is used and [...]