When Little Words Add Up to Big Differences

Everyone just wants to be understood. From the time we’re old enough to speak, we just want someone to say, “Hey–I get it.” When it comes to the many different languages of the world, there are many interpreters who have the job of explaining to others what is being said. If you’ve ever watched a [...]

How Emojis Are Changing the Employment Market

SIGN OF THE TIMES – HOW EMOJIS ARE CHANGING THE EMPLOYMENT MARKET Technology has changed the way we speak to one another. If you’ve ever said “OMG!” out loud when faced with a surprising situation, you’ve already taken one step toward techno-talk. Abbreviations are one thing, but picture-words take it a step further. Emojis have [...]

New Translations of the Treaty of Waitangi

NEW TRANSLATIONS OF THE TREATY OF WAITANGI PROVIDE ACCURACY The Treaty of Waitangi, New Zealand’s historic founding document, has been translated and published for the first time in 30 languages. The original English version of the treaty was hastily translated into Māori and contained many differences in meaning that impacted the sovereignty and governance of [...]