Parlez-vous What?

According to World Atlas, there are 29 independent nations that use French as their official language.  Though you might think that the French language is all the same everywhere you go, each region has its peculiarities. Let’s look at some differences between the way French is spoken in France and in Quebec, Canada. Though both [...]

The Word on Movie Translations

If you grew up watching Kung Fu movies, you know about movie translation. What was probably meant to be unique and helpful for understanding a plot has turned into cult-classic sentimentality. For many people, the best thing about those films is the way in which the mouth movements and the words coming out of them [...]

How Smart Are Smartphone Assistant Translations?

Smartphones have become smart, but are they smarter than you? When it comes to language interpretation, unless you are a linguistic specialist, they probably are. It’s All About The Languages Some smartphones are smarter than others when it comes to language interpretations. VOA News reports that Siri can “speak 21 languages localized for 36 countries, [...]