Translators Save Lives When Tragedy Strikes

What happens in the face of a catastrophe? What happens when a hurricane is blowing, a tsunami is rolling, or an outbreak is occurring? When natural or man-made disasters are predicted, warnings are what usually happen. Warnings often come from those in authority who know what is about to transpire so that people who might […]

Study Confirms Women Excel In Localization

A recent memo by Google employee James Damore claimed that women are not as suited to jobs in tech industries as men. The memo caused a huge controversy for Google, leading to the firing of Damore and an apology from Google CEO Sundar Pichai. Even though the memo was largely offensive, it also opened up […]

Celebrate International Translation Day on 9/30!

We all know the standard holidays; Christmas, New Year’s Day, Ramadan, Purim, Kwanza. The list of holidays celebrated around the world are endless. Some are celebrated for religious purposes, some for secular, and some are simply celebrated by region such as April Fools and Groundhog Day.   One of the days that we love to celebrate [...]