The Importance of Humanity In Translation

There has never been a time where accurate translation across the globe has been so important. Diversity, social media, and the globalization of business have increased communications ten-fold in the past decade alone. The sheer volume of worldwide communications means that people often turn to machines to get a gist of what’s going on. However, […]

Top Five Reasons Why Translation Is An Intellectual Pursuit

An intellectual pursuit is something akin to the pursuit of knowledge. It is doing something that requires the use of research and intellect to find the answers to questions of your own, or those of others. Studying for a college degree is an intellectual pursuit, as is becoming a history buff. Learning a different language [...]

A Novel Approach To Literary Translation

When it comes to translating novels that are considered to be works-of-art in the literary world, you had better be sharp. Those who live for good literature want to read stories as the original author intended without a mishap, mistake, or mistranslated word. After all, Dickens would take on an entirely different meaning if the [...]