How is Christmas Celebrated Around the World?

It’s the holiday season. Of all the holidays that are celebrated in different areas on the planet, Christmas is one that many different countries and cultures take part in each December. Christians celebrate Christmas to commemorate the birth of Christ, but even those who are not religious join in the celebrations. Though it’s officially celebrated [...]

Different Words Can Make a Meaningful Difference

Language can be tricky. For example, there are many words in the English language that mean one thing in the United States, but something entirely different in another country. They might look exactly the same on paper, but are completely different when used in context. Consider these following words written in English that can create [...]

3 Benefits of Website Localization

If a business wants to grow, it must adapt to the changes required to do so. Staying with the same model of business that worked even a decade ago can mean slow growth, if not regression, for your company. Today, localization is one of the most important ways in which businesses are branching out and [...]