Six Important Languages for Business Translation

As more businesses expand across the globe, they are reaching customers they never thought they could reach. This makes marketing more important than ever. What works for those whose primary language is English doesn’t always work for those whose primary language is something else.  There’s no question that businesses must adapt their websites to extend [...]

Three Things That Translation Is Not

Not too long ago, people did not globe trot quite as often as they do today. Finding a well-known company from your country overseas was a rare treat because many companies had not yet extended their reach beyond their own front door. Globalization Has Made the World Smaller Today, globalization has made the world a [...]

Expressions of Love Shared Around the World

Every year, after the presents are opened, after the champagne corks are popped, many turn their eyes to Valentine’s Day. This is the day when people celebrate love and all of the sentiments that go with it. From the words to the traditions, nothing quite fills the heart like this February holiday. Unsavory Holiday Origins [...]

Should You Choose Voice-Over or Subtitles For Your Next Multimedia Project?

Nothing feels better than completing a media project that’s taken (what seems like) forever to finish. After all of the hard work you’ve put in to create a high-quality video for your website or YouTube channel, you want that content to be understood by your global audience. After all, if your customers don’t understand you, [...]

Did I Hear That Right?

Some languages have words that sound very similar to amusing or naughty words used in the English language, but the spelling and meaning are completely different. Oxford Dictionaries believes that these words can sometimes be “a great source of amusement.” When travelling to different countries, try to gain your composure if anyone uses the following [...]