4 Romantic Languages to Celebrate Love in the Spring

Last month we looked at different Valentine’s Day traditions around the world. Although Valentine’s Day is over, spring is on the way (we hope!). Springtime is often associated with renewal and rebirth, and a chance to find love.  Frank Bronson, a biologist from the University of Texas, reports that “Spring fever in mammals is regulated [...]

In a World Full of English, Translation Is Still Essential

The story of how the English language rose to dominance as the language of commerce and administration around the world is inherently linked with the story of colonization. While Dutch and Portuguese colonizers set off before the British, it was the British Empire’s globe-spanning conquests that spread English so widely. Yet even in a world [...]

Organize Your Web Content Now for Better Translation Later

Your website is the key to your business. It’s the digital face of who you are and what you do. When consumers search for businesses online, they want to be directed to a website. Businesses who don’t have a website are often left out in the cold as consumers click away to find a business [...]

Voice-Over Translations Benefit Global Business

Translation today involves more than the written word. More people are using translation services for localizing their audio and video projects. In a world where technology has given people instant access to live video reports and stories, there’s never been a better time to take advantage of the opportunity to use it for your business.  [...]

Better Living Through Modern Medicine and Good Translation

The medical field is likely one of the most important places where translation can make the difference between life and death. While it’s true that an error or misunderstanding in marketing translation can cause a glitch in your new product launch, it’s not likely to cause physical harm to customers or employees. On the other [...]

Literary Translation Provides Keys That Open Doors

Most people understand the importance of translation when it comes to issues such as translating medical documents for cancer research or technical documents that can help ensure workers follow safety procedures in every country. When it comes to the translation of literary works, however, some people fail to understand the need. Does everyone in Australia [...]