Finding French Around the Globe

You might believe that there is a high concentration of French speakers in Europe. And you would be correct, as 33.4% of the European population speaks it. You might also believe that the concentration of French speakers is the highest in Europe, but you would be incorrect. Of the 300 million French speakers around the [...]

Women Are Ready To Roar At The Women’s World Cup In France

From June 7 to July 7, 2019, France will host the Women’s World Cup. The opening match takes place in Paris, while the semi-finals and final will be hosted by Lyon. In between, matches will be played in these beautiful cities across the country: Grenoble Le Havre Montpellier Nice Reims Rennes Valenciennes Much like the [...]


Just like last year, ITC Translations is again supporting Entrepreneurs du Monde by editing their annual report. WHAT IS ‘ENTREPRENEURS DU MONDE’? Entrepreneurs du Monde, founded in 1998, is a French “public interest association” that works with vulnerable populations in 11 countries (Burkina Faso, Cambodia, France, Guinea, Ghana, Haiti, Myanmar, Philippines, Senegal, Sierra Leone, Togo [...]

ITC can work on your project with Across Language Server

Secure translation processes with a high degree of automation In addition to the variety of software we are already working on, we can now work on your projects with the Across Software to better serve you. The Across Software supports the entire translation process from the project and workflow control to the translation, correction, and [...]

Myths and Facts About Sign Language

Have you ever seen an important event on the television that shows someone standing near the speaker, interpreting everything they say in sign language? Like with any interpreting scenario, the skill of the interpreter (or lack thereof) impacts understanding and clarity. One famous example came in 2017 when an amateur interpreter was asked at the [...]

Translators Have Their Work Cut Out For Them

Some people think that translation is an easy job. After all, as long as you know a language other than English, all you have to do is swap out the words, right? Wrong. Translation is a time consuming and complex job that requires more than just a knowledge of words. With over 7,000 languages used [...]