Keep Your Content and Expand Your Reach with Multilingual SEO

Securing your future in business means expanding your world. Foreign markets won’t know who you are if they can’t understand what you’re about. But what if you’ve done all of the hard work of setting up your website for a global audience, translated your content for readability, and still aren’t getting the traffic you think [...]

The Many Languages and Writing Systems of China

With a population of about 1.4 billion people, and an area of land that covers about 9,600,000 square kilometers, it’s no surprise that China is the world most populous country. Many people are under the assumption that all of those people must speak a common language: Chinese. But language in China is a bit more [...]

Meet Your Audience Where They Are With Video Localization

Video is one of the fastest growing mediums around the world. People consume video at their homes and on the go. According to Blue Corona, “Web-based content is viewed more frequently and at a higher volume than TV-based content. U.S. Internet users spend an average of 15 hours each week with digital video.” Word Stream offers [...]

8 Menu Translations With Unappetizing Results

One of the many industries for which we provide translation is the restaurant industry. It’s a tricky field to work in, but our professional translators are up for the task. You might be surprised to learn that not all dishes on a menu actually have a direct translation. Without a translator’s professional culinary knowledge and [...]