International Translation Day Why 2019 Is the International Year of Indigenous Languagesis September 30

September 30 is International Translation Day. It’s celebrated on September 30 every year, and its purpose is to “show solidarity of the worldwide translation community in an effort to promote the translation profession in different countries” (Wikipedia, International Translation Day). According to the FIT website, a unifying theme is chosen each year for International Translation [...]

International Translation Day 2019 is September 30

The time of year has come to celebrate our favorite subject: Translation. Each year, translators and linguists from all over the world celebrate International Translation Day on September 30. According to the UN website, “International Translation Day is meant as an opportunity to pay tribute to the work of language professionals, which plays an important [...]

Can Being Bilingual Stop You from Developing Dementia?

You may have heard the theory that learning another language can prevent your chances of getting Alzheimer’s disease or dementia as you get older, but is it true? Yes and no. Being bilingual might not keep you from facing cognitive decline, but it can delay its onset for a few more years.  Losing Cognitive Abilities [...]

Words That Have Multiple Meanings Can Be Challenging

If you think that translation is easy, think again. Many people believe that it’s a simple matter of taking a word in one language, finding the meaning of that word in another language, and plugging it into a sentence. The truth is, it’s far from that simple. The Thorns of the English Language If you [...]