Localization Takes Your Business to New Places

Did you know that 75 percent of non-English speakers won’t buy products from a business that doesn’t use their native tongue? As described in Medium, “The logic behind this is clear—you can’t buy what you can’t understand. And though in English-speaking countries we often have the assumption that everyone around the world speaks English, this, [...]

Better Business Comes from Better Translation

A business that doesn’t have a longevity plan in place is a stagnant business. A business that wants to stick around for a generation or two (or more) needs to adjust and expand to larger audiences. The best way to do that? Translation. The best way to ensure good translation? A good language service provider. [...]

Benefits of Professional Medical Document Translation

There are many areas within the medical field that require accurate translation. The right words can provide the best care and treatment to patients around the world. The wrong words, however, can have a drastic impact on the treatment plan used to help a patient with healing. There are no do-overs in medical translation, making [...]

4 Industries That Can Benefit from Translation Services

The world has become increasingly interconnected. People from everywhere can be found just about anywhere. It’s this connection and cultural diversity that have changed the marketing game for many businesses and industries. What worked 20 years ago doesn’t work today. In order to keep up with people everywhere, translation services have become more important than [...]

What Happens When Movie Titles Get Lost In Translation

Words can be funny, especially when it comes to translating them. What seems clear and rational in the native language can become funny, confusing, or even embarrassing in the target language. This is what makes a translator’s job so important as they meticulously search for a way to keep a document, a text, or even [...]