Clearing Up Medical Words: No Prescription Needed

Where do these words, expressions and illnesses come from? Some explanations might surprise you! Gardenal: The pharmaceutical lab that developed this sleeping pill brand had previously—and successfully—marketed other medications that all ended with “nal.” The firm’s director tasked the marketing department with figuring out a name for this new drug, asking them in French to [...]

Translation Services During Global Emergencies

The rise of COVID-19 has taught the world many valuable lessons, and it has hit some countries much harder than others. However, over the course of the pandemic, one thing has become crystal clear: accurate translations are more important than ever. Effective translations matter when something as serious as COVID-19 affects the world. There are [...]

Working from Home: 10 Tips for Managing Your Time

As a translation agency, our team includes more than 2500 professional linguists located all around the globe. Working from home is something we know well! During self-isolation, our translators want to share with you their 10 best tricks and tips for managing your time when working remotely: 1. Make a list of tasks Prepare the [...]

Africa: Overcoming the Challenges of Conveying Prevention Messages

In North America, people tend to call the coronavirus a “nasty flu,” while too often referring to the flu itself as a “bad cold”—an unfortunate habit with repercussions when it came to realizing the danger COVID-19 actually represents. It really makes you appreciate how hard it can be to use the right words. This problem [...]