3 Reasons Your Website Needs To Be Multilingual

Anytime you make a search for something, chances are your first point of reference is the Internet. This, many know, is a good thing for businesses, brands and service providers, not simply locally, but worldwide. This is why you should make the switch to a multi-language-friendly website. Having a multilingual website will give you that [...]

4 Tips For Making The Multilingual Switch

You may have seen our recent blog about the 3 Reasons Your Website Needs To Be Multilingual. If you haven’t had a chance to visit it just yet, you can find that post here. If you have, you got a brief overview of just why it’s so important to ensure international accessibility. – Customers – [...]

The Cost Of Low Quality Translation

You wouldn’t hire a budding lawyer if you needed sound legal advice that could make you sink or help you swim. And you wouldn’t hire a high school student with a semester of computer knowledge if your business’s computer system crashed. You hire the experienced translators because you need that guarantee that the work they [...]

5 Things You Should Know Before Choosing A Translation Service Provider

When choosing a Translation Service (or a Language Service Provider) you need to be extra careful. The decisions your translator makes can impact your company for years to come, costing you business and valuable customers. To help you prepare, we’ve created a quick list of 5 things you should know before jumping into this new [...]

The Perks of Working as a Translator

Studying languages was once seen as strictly an academic pursuit. It was like adding notches to an educational belt. “Serious” students often learned the classic romance languages like Latin, French, or Italian to add to their academic resumes. These days, learning a language (or several) is more than just an elective on a course schedule. [...]