Translation Professionals Conference in Miami by SDL: ITC Takes Part

On Tuesday February 28, the ITC Global Translation Project Manager, Marine Gandit, took part in a translation professionals conference held by SDL, the world leader in global information management. The aim of this conference was to teach new tool-mediated work options and encourage translators to use the new Studio 2011 software. The conference was attended [...]

ITC Translations participates in the 4L Trophy Race

The 4L Trophy is an Adventure Race organized by Desertours. Its objective is to get people to meet and exchange, and more than 2,800 students from all over France will participate. This year, the race will take place in Morocco over more than 375 miles. The race also has humanitarian objectives such as bringing school [...]

My American Internship – Part 2

I’m here since one month now. And, this first month was interesting and rewarding. I have learned a lot, and have worked on different software in English language. I’m able to write different articles in French and in English in order to publish it on the website. I have more and more tasks, and I [...]

Out of your element…

If someone suggested you take your next vacation in a part of the world where you didn’t understand the language, what would be your reaction? Fear? Intrigue? Panic? Excitement? Desperate queries about how much English the locals spoke? Personally speaking, this idea has crossed my mind several times. It would make me nervous, sure, but [...]

ATA 52nd Annual Conference

The translation industry is mostly made up of individual freelancers working from their home offices. It is a solitary pursuit, which provides the essential focus and concentration for such a task. However the translation industry is an integrated network of such individuals, and that unity was displayed very well at the American Translators’ Association Annual [...]