The field of dentistry has been transforming over the last 30 years or so. New procedures and devices are being researched and developed all the time for a global population that wants and needs healthy teeth. In order for this to happen though, experienced dentistry translators must be used to ensure that all of the parties involved at every stage can understand each other and share information successfully.

The dentistry translators chosen for your work must be skilled in the field as well as the language to be sure all of the information is conveyed accurately to colleagues and patients. Otherwise, there could be miscommunication at any level and the success of your dentistry project will be compromised. ITC Global Translations has the experience to understand this and has developed professional translation and localization services that can be used throughout your dentistry project so that you can be sure your content is clearly understood by all of those involved.

Dental Translations From Experienced Translators

To provide the most precise dental translations possible, our translators aren’t only experienced in the language but also the field of dentistry itself. As a result, the dental translations you’ll receive from ITC Global Translations will be accurate no matter how technical the content may become.

We can provide you with professional dental translations in the language you need as well. We work with translators skilled in 75 different languages including

  • Spanish
  • German
  • French
  • Italian
  • Russian
  • Canadian French
  • Arabic
  • Korean
  • Chinese
  • Japanese

No matter who your audience is, where they live, or what you have to say to them you can all communicate effectively when you work with ITC Global Translations and our worldwide network of experienced dental translators.

Access to Multiple Translation Tools and Dedicated Linguists

Our dental translators have access to a range of translation tools to help them create accurate glossaries and translation memories. These are then used to produce exact translations of your material. To be sure we’re using the most up to date resources to translate your content we work with SDL, a global leader in translation technology. This way we’re always up to speed on the latest developments within the translation industry; and so are you.

In addition to computer assisted and machine translation tools, we also employ several professional linguists who personally review and manage your glossaries and translation memories. These highly educated language professionals work to refine our translations and ensure that when you work with ITC Global Translations you receive the best product possible.

A Translation Company That Can Handle Any Type of Dental Content

With these types of modern translation and localization resources at our fingertips ITC Global Translations has positioned itself as a translation company that can handle any type of dental content. We’re prepared to translate your

  • Research Papers
  • Journal Articles
  • Regulatory Approval Packets
  • Patents
  • Treatment Guidelines
  • Product Manuals and Inserts
  • Patient Forms
  • Insurance Paperwork
  • Marketing Materials
  • Website Content

Nothing is too technical or advanced for the dental translators at ITC Global Translations. Our network of professional translators is well prepared to deliver quality translations of all your specialized dental content in the most efficient way possible. This means you can clearly communicate with each of your colleagues and patients no matter where they’re based while easily staying within your translation budget

Localization Services

Because our dental translators are based all around the world they live within the cultures that will be reading and using your content. This allows them to not only translate but to also localize your content to account for cultural norms. Then you can speak more clearly to each person you’re trying to reach.

To illustrate just how important localization services are, think about choosing a logo as an example. What if you’re using a symbol on your dental office website or on your product’s packaging that is fine in many countries but means something disrespectful in another? Having a company like ITC Global Translations localize your content will catch this and help you find a better option that will reach across the cultures you’re working within more effectively.

The same holds true for the wording you choose in your content. Each culture uses different “slang” and you need to be certain you’re saying what you mean in each language for the success of any type of dental project. Localization of your content from a professional translation company like ITC Global Translations will ensure that you’re communicating with your audience in ways you both clearly understand.

Choose a Translation Company That Can Handle All Your Needs

As you can see your content requires a great deal of care if it’s to be translated and localized correctly. With this in mind it’s important to consider the benefits of choosing a company, like ITC Global Translations, that can handle all of your needs. Because we can translate any type of dental content you’ve got into a wide range of languages we can complete your entire project. This allows us to provide you with a level of continuity that’s not possible with any other process. You’ll enjoy more reliable translations, clearer communication between you and your audience, a faster turn around time on your translation and localization projects, and more. There’s no reason to piece things together. Having the reliability of one company that can meet all your needs is priceless and ITC Global Translations is prepared to do exactly this.

Entrust Your Information Only to the Best Dentistry Translators

Only the best dentistry translators can handle your project correctly. Entrust your specialized dentistry translations to ITC Global Translations and you’ll experience a level of customer support not every translation company can offer. Your dentistry translations will be provided by the best, most experienced translators from around the world and you’ll see this in the quality at every level of the project that we produce for you.