ITC Is Helping Bridge The Communication Gap


Here at ITC Global Translations, we aim to please. And in doing so, we serve a number of industries, providing them with expert translation and localization services.

ITC works with the best and most capable linguists. Professional translators, proofreaders and project managers submit their resumes to ITC each year, and from those applicants we work hard to select only the highest quality language professionals.


Our goal is to appeal to customers and to build a strong brand image for those in the marketing industry. In order to do that, a translator has to be able to recognize and understand the need for nuance in both source and target languages, and then adapt accordingly, while still considering the world of marketing and market culture.

ITC specializes in:

– Global Marketing – Public Relations – Market Research – Medical Marketing – Food & Wine – Hospitality – Retail – And Fashion

Medical Translation Services

ITC Global Translations understands how important a high quality translation is in the medical industry. Which is why we employ nothing but the best translators who can effectively aid clients in their communication with prospective or current target caregivers, pharmacists, researchers, government regulators, and even patients.

Medical services are among the most important forms of translation, simply because a low quality translation would cause a system failing ripple effect, damaging not just one part of a medical project, but the whole of it.

Our medical translation specializations are:

– Pharmaceuticals – Biotechnology – Research – Public Health – Medical Devices – Health Education – Dentistry – And So Much More

For a list of documents we translate, visit here.

Travel & Tourism

In today’s modern world, technology rules. Which means that when travelers are looking to plan their next trip, they flock to the Internet to do all their research, which means there’s a huge market just ready and waiting for a quality language service provider to go in and provide them with access to detailed online information and reservation specs in their own language.

Clear and effective communication is vital to attracting customers and obtaining their enduring business and loyalty. ITC can provide translations of:

– Travel websites – Brochures – Ad Campaigns – Tourist Guides – Menus – Print Ads And More!

For more information and a list of other Translation Services we provide, visit our main pages at ITC Global Translations. Allow us to help your business or brand bridge the communication gap.