We use SDL technology to optimize quality, turnaround time and consistency

Thanks to our partnership with SDL, global leader in the translation technology market, we stay up-to-date with the latest developments relating to computer-assisted translation tools.

These tools – which should not be confused with machine translation tools – help us to build a terminology database and translation memory for each of our clients.

How do you add content to your dedicated translation memories?

1 – Use existing content: glossaries and translation memories you already have. 2 – Use existing content: documents you already have (source- and target-language documents). 3 – Add to these glossaries and translation memories while translation projects are underway. SDL Studio makes it possible to fully or partially reuse segments that have been translated previously, thereby reducing the cost of your translation project.

Advantages of using a translation memory:

  • Guarantee high quality and consistency.
  • Speed up the translation process.
  • Automatization of tasks.
  • Reduce costs.
  • Identical sentences only need to be translated once.
  • Fewer manual revision cycles.
  • Build up a reliable reference source for future projects.

The advantage of ITC versus other players in the translation market

ITC has three in-house linguists dedicated exclusively to creating and updating your glossaries and translation memories. The advantages for you => a translation memory that is always up-to-date and immediate implementation of your terminology preferences => improved consistency and quality, savings for your budget.

Implementation of your terminology preferences

In addition to terminology that is industry specific, you may have “in-house” preferred terminology. We are happy to implement all terminology that you provide. Likewise, we value your feedback relating to any preferential changes you may make to translations we have delivered. This means we can add your preferred terms to your translation memory and glossary.

Your ITC Project Manager/Reviewer is the interface between you and the linguist

If the linguist has questions or needs clarification on certain points during the project, these queries are collected in a table and sent to you for your input.Addressing questions during the project ensures that the deadline will be met and that the translation quality is optimized.