Prepare at a Young Age for a Future in Translation


“Translators are the shadow heroes of literature, the often-forgotten instruments that make it possible for different cultures to talk to one another, who have enabled us to understand that we all, from every part of the world, live in one world.” – Paul Auster  

Translation is a job like no other. It links worlds and cultures in ways that nothing else can. As a parent, you might hope that your child becomes a doctor, a lawyer, or even a world-renowned chef. But what if they become a translator and bridge cultures in the medical, legal or food industries instead? By immersing them in another language at a young age, you can give them a head start towards an exciting career with many opportunities. 

Job and Career Opportunities

Doctors help people in a medical crisis. Those who know multiple languages can make a difference in life and death for patients at home and abroad. Medical translation also makes a difference in the world. Documents such as pharmaceuticals, oncology reports, and instructions for medical equipment must be translated properly to assist with life-saving procedures. 

Lawyers can help people prove their innocence, or see to it that someone pays for their crime. A bi-lingual lawyer can see that fairness prevails. Legal translation brings clarity to summonses and rulings in multiple languages and assists in bringing justice to light. 

Thanks to the popularity of cooking shows on The Food Network, people are discovering just how important chefs are in the world. They get to display their creativity and feed people at the same time. Translation in the food industry includes making menus that anyone can read, how-to videos that anyone can understand, and recipes that anyone can follow. 

An Early Start Means Future Success

The early years of child development are crucial in every sense. Little minds are ready to receive any information the world can feed them. Parents who want their child to understand more than one language should begin the learning process early. Researchers at Cornell University say “Cognitive advantages follow from becoming bilingual. These cognitive advantages can contribute to a child’s future academic success.”

It’s no secret that language and cognition are connected. This thought process leads to children who are:  

·         More creative

·         Better at problem solving

·         Sharper with memorization

·         Critical thinkers

World Changing Words

Words have to power to change the world. Translation is the vehicle that gives them that power. Knowing more than one language can help anyone become a better communicator, and that’s exactly what globalized companies need. And companies who want to reach the world need professional translators to help them do it. 

We have over 2500 professional translators who can help your business reach out across nations. Being multilingual has given them the opportunity to help businesses in many areas of specialization. If your business needs translation services that can change the world, contact us today. 

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